September Update

Hello Friends,

Just posted some photos of the Team/Training House (see “Construction Update”). Construction is moving well, and we have been so blessed from our landlady in Nairobi who has provided most of the furniture, bedding and curtains for the house. We will be ready for teams soon, Praise the Lord! Let you know more later, but wanted to share our excitement with all of you now. Thanks to all for your prayers and support.

In the Lord’s service, till he comes,

Love,  Ric & Jane Taylor


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One response to “September Update

  1. TO,

    dear brother hearty christian greetings to you our beloved father in jesus christ,we are loving you and your family.we are praying for you and your family.we need your ministry here,people are illiterate,unemployed,adultery,all people are taking alchohal and drugs,and idolism,they need divine knowledge from your ministry,we need your work here,i am asking you come to india to train all pastors and evangelist’s ,i attended one faith international conference in may see my pictures in this ministry,this ministry name faith ministry,faith ministry is world wide.please remember me in your daily prayers,we are praying for your ministry,we need your ministry here in india.we are inviting you to come to india to teach gospel .god bless you and your family and work amen. your brother in christ pastor A.ravibabu from india

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