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September Update

Hello Friends,

Just posted some photos of the Team/Training House (see “Construction Update”). Construction is moving well, and we have been so blessed from our landlady in Nairobi who has provided most of the furniture, bedding and curtains for the house. We will be ready for teams soon, Praise the Lord! Let you know more later, but wanted to share our excitement with all of you now. Thanks to all for your prayers and support.

In the Lord’s service, till he comes,

Love,  Ric & Jane Taylor


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“Praise God for the progress on the Team/Training House” July 2015 Update

Dear Friends,

As you may know the building of the Team/Training House has been our focus at this time, and we are blessed that it is going well. The Lord has provided excellent workers who are doing a great job. The project is really moving along nicely. Things move slow in Africa but we praise God for the progress. Click this link “Construction Update” to see pictures of the house project.

We praise God for his faithfulness. Ric is doing great, and preached an awesome message on Sunday. He gave a great challenge to all believers to “walk in the light” because the days are evil and Jesus is coming soon, and to the Lost to receive Christ as their personal savior. 15 or more came forward. We praise God that the message was clear and the Lord touched so many hearts. This is a small portion of Ric’s message.

The ladies seminar last Saturday was great! 200 ladies from 10 different churches attended. God has opened the door for more areas and more seminars. Jane has one next Saturday and another the following week also. Pray as Pastor Patrick arranges for many more opportunities to open up in additional villages in the district. There are 30 plus churches in our district.

God bless all who are supporting us prayerfully and financially.

In the Lord’s service, till he comes.

Love, Ric and Jane Taylor

Praising the Lord at Kakuyuni Church

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Current Mission Pictures June 2015

Dear Friends,

We are very excited to be back on the mission field. We have been blessed with construction on the”Team/Training” House, and wanted to send a few pictures. Hope you enjoy the update. Thank you for your continued prayer during this exciting and challenging time.

In the Lord’s service, till he comes.

Love, Ric and Jane Taylor

Electricity is seen going to the House, along with outside fuse box and inside outlets!!

We now have Electricity going to the Team/Training House!! You can see the fuse box outside, and we now have inside outlets!!

Hard work digging (by hand) the Hole for the platform of the Water Tank Tower.

Hard work digging (by hand) the Hole for the platform of the Water Tank Tower.

The work of plastering the walls has begun! All the walls must be plastered before painting, and then work will focus on the concrete floors.

The work of plastering the walls has begun! All the walls must be plastered before painting, and then work will focus on the concrete floors.

June 10,2015 TT house 031

Left is Prince age 4 (Mary and Paul’s son). Right is Favor age 5 (Patrick and Lucy’s son). They are great friends in school and enjoy playing all the time!

Pastor Patrick's wife, Lucy, Drawing water.

Pastor Patrick’s wife, Lucy, Drawing water.

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Newsletter following our Summer 2013 Trip

Dear Friends,

First, we would like to thank Pastor Dennis Bennell for taking care of our news letter while we have been away. We are blessed by his ministry to us.

We have been in Kenya for 3 1/2 months and have been working to get the house closed up before the rainy season, because it is  impossible to navigate the dirt roads in Kakuyuni during the rains. It is like trying to drive in 12″ of Crisco, so we knew that we had to work hard to get the T/T house closed up before the rains come.

     We want to bring you up to date on the progress of the T/T house. Below is a list of the things done in our time here in Kenya.

As you read this list we want you to keep in mind that ALL construction is done by hand with rough material and workers who have had little to no formal training. Every stone must be cut to size and faced by chiseling the face. All lumber is rough sawn and varies in size.

As Ric teaches them new methods of Construction the men often have to unlearn wrong procedures and bad habits before you can teach them the correct method of construction. This takes a lot of time and patience and is a daily exercise because they revert to the old ways very quickly.

In their experience they have NEVER built anything that is plumb, level and square. Steps are never the same height. (just to give you a small idea of the things they need to learn.)

The men have been very excited to learn new and better methods of building and have really been working together as a team.

We kept a small crew this time so that the teaching and learning experience would be more beneficial.

Also, all construction, except the rafters, is of native stone and concrete, because wood cost 2x’s as much and the white ants eat the wood.

The Team/Training house has been the major focus this time, because it is necessary that we complete it as soon as possible, because prices of all material continue to rise at a rapid rate, as much as 20% every 6 months.

List of things accomplished during our recent trip:

    1. Finished all stone work and arch on the upstairs balcony.
    2. Poured concrete ring beam around the 2nd floor (Govt. Requirement)
    3. Handwork Construction included: 15 wood trusses for second floor roof, hundreds of 2×4 bracings, 1200 ft of wood pearling strips, installation of metal striping for roof, and installation of 1100 sq ft of clay tiles on 2nd floor.
    4. Built stair well walls and concrete steps form 1st floor to 2nd floor.
    5. 4″ block partition for upstairs bathroom and installed some plumbing
    6. Cut and shaped ( by hand) all 6×9″ stone window sills.
    7. Installed all windows and doors, made in Nairobi, literally on the ground (by hand) Then we  installed 650 pieces of glass in them.
    8. Dug and poured footings for main gate post and personal gate. Post 24″ square of hand cut stones.
    9. Extensive grading around entrance, house, and drive way.
    10. At present the well is dug to 20′. 4′ diameter 8″ thick concrete apron around 10′ square. This is to stabilize the ground so that the digging of the well can be completed.
      • Jane taught two, three day ladies conferences in rural villages. The Holy Spirit really moved in the lives of the ladies.
      • The teaching was from Ephesians about our position in Christ, and what the Lord desires for us as believers.
      • Our position has always been “Life style” Evangelism where ever we go. God has given us many opportunities to share Christ this time.
      • We have seen two of our friends receive Christ, as we have spent time with them and challenged them.
      • As Ric is teaching the men construction, he is also teaching them Godly principles, and purpose for doing the work well. I Cor. 10: 13. “What ever you do….. do all for the Glory of God.”

Our desire is to finish the T/T house so that we can minister daily. As a reminder the T/T House will be used for the purpose of:

    1. Housing for Ric and Jane (enable us to get out of Nairobi because it is very expensive to live there and to travel to and from Kakuyuni)
    2. Housing for Teams from the U. S. who will have a 100 mile radius to teach, preach, and minister
    3. Headquarters for a “One Year Bible Correspondence Course” for 1000 students
    4. Home base for showing the “Jesus Film” to 100’s of villages, marketplaces, schools and churches
    5. Bible studies, Fellowship, ladies/men’s seminars
    6. Marriage conferences
    7. Counseling
    8. And much, much more….. “because the ministry opportunities are limitless.”

    Between July 10,2013 and Oct. 20, 2013, we have spent all the funds which have come in (and more) on the T/T house.

        • The funds for the well are separate and are being raised by a 15 year old girl from Ohio.

Estimated cost to complete the Team/Training house for occupancy and for ministry is………………$12,875.00

        • This does not include any other expenses. Only the completion of the house.
        • Does not include, Airfare, Living expenses in Kenya or any other expenses.
        • Our desire is to keep you informed of the progress and to be good stewards of God’s money.
        • If you desire a detailed list of needs to complete the T/T house, please feel free to ask us and we will send it to you.
        • Please visit our “Construction Update” page for pictures of the House up to this date

 We ask you to continue to pray for us, for safety, and good health.

 Thank you for your continued financial and prayerful support for this project and the ministry. All for the KINGDOM PURPOSE!!!!!!!!!!!

 In the Lord’s Service, Till He comes.

Love Ric and Jane Taylor

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