Women’s Ministry

Jane Taylor, sharing her story

Jane with the ladies of Kakayuni

     In recent years, I (Jane) have followed the prompting of the Holy Spirit and developed a ladies outreach program for the Lord.  These are 3 day seminars, held in rural churches. Each day, 100 or more ladies gather in attendance, eager to hear God’s word. Each lady appears well dressed in bright colors and cheery (because that’s how the Kenyan’s are), but deep within she is hurting, day after day, with no hope in site.

     “Her Kenyan life is hard. Most likely she lives alone with 4 or more children. She, as well as her children, may likely be the victim of cultural witchcraft and abuse. She has little or no food, no source of income to support her children, and has no escape from her pain. Even if her husband stays around, there is little work if any, because he has no trade.  If it doesn’t rain at just the right time of the season, she has no crop. If it doesn’t rain at all, she endures the hardship of drought, searching hours everyday for the smallest amount of water. All this she must accomplish before she begins her long walk to the seminar.  She must walk and walk, sometimes many miles, bringing babies and small children. She listens for 2 hours in the morning, has lunch we provide for her, and listens for 3 or more hours in the afternoon. She is eager to hear God’s word.   She is eager to be freed from her deep feelings of hurt and hopelessness. She is eager to learn how the power of God can help her face each day. She is hopeful as she walks back home many miles in the dark. Her pain is so deep she knows that only God can heal her and set her free”.

Sadness is seen in the eyes of the ladies as they tell their own story of pain

     Together, Anne (Millikan) and I (Jane) have been teaching the ladies who they are in Christ and how much God loves them.  Our goal is to instill Hope and encourage the ladies that God can heal them and set them free from the traumas of their past. We share our own stories and testimonies, giving them hope that they also can be set free to become all that God has created them to be.

Anne praying with the ladies for their needs

      I (Jane) teach them they don’t have to be victims of their cultural practices, which are often contrary to God’s word. God has a plan to prosper them and not to harm them, to give them a hope and a future (Jeremiah 29:11).  I share the story of God’s healing power in my life and how he healed my pain of childhood trauma, legalism, depression and more. The ladies then realize they can also be healed and set free.

   Anne gives her personal testimony which teaches a story of strong Dependence on the Lord and on his Word. She shows this to the ladies in lessons about “Paul”, “The Christian Armor”, “Body Soul & Spirit”, and “The Blood of Christ”.

Monica testifying about her salvation


     God’s blessings on the ladies have been abundant. At the end of one seminar, a lady (Monica) came forward. She had just wondered in from the street into our meeting earlier that day. She said she had never heard teaching like this before, and as a result wanted to receive Jesus Christ as her personal savoir. Monica is still living for the Lord today. 

     The repeated seminars have allowed us to develop close relationships with many of the ladies. We now hear testimonies of what God has done and is doing  in their personal lives and the lives of their families. We now see faces of Hope. We now see the ladies sharing and encouraging each other, which was something they had never done before. We see those who have been in bondage all of their lives set free through the power of God’s word. One of the most exciting results that we see is that the ladies are beginning to reach out for personal counseling. We appreciate your prayers for wisdom as the ladies reach out for personal counseling.

The ladies finding Joy in the Lord