Preaching The Gospel

Ric preaching the Gospel with Patrick translating

     Over the years the Lord has opened many doors and given us many opportunities to teach and preach the Gospel. We have been privileged to see many thousands receive Christ as their Savior and grow in their walk with the Lord.

     We have had the privilege of teaching in the city of Nairobi and many different rural areas all over Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania.

     As we are guided by the Holy Spirit, we seek to teach the scriptures in order to meet the spiritual needs of the people in each location and situation.

“Our purpose is to lead people to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and to disciple them as they put the scriptures into practice in their daily lives. Often people raise their hands at a meeting to receive Christ, and then because they can’t read or don’t have a Bible, they only grow as they hear the word from a Pastor or Teacher.”

The local church eager to hear God’s word

Ric leading a Pastor’s Conference


  Another joy we have is to teach and train other pastors and church leaders in Kenya. We are very grateful to have pastors from the U.S. come along beside us to help in these teachings.